Supply List

Gaston Elementary School

3rd Grade Supply List

Backpack 1 inch view binder                                                                                   Expo markers - pack of 4, skinny 2 composition notebooks (Writing, Science) 4 boxes of Crayons – 24 count 1 pack washable markers Pencils – 24+ count Scissors 8 Glue sticks 1 Bottle glue Supply zipper pouch 2 plastic pocket folders (library and daily work) 1 pack notebook paper 1 pack highlighters (multiple colors) post-it notes 1 roll scotch tape earbuds/headphones Kleenex Disinfectant wipes Paper towels 25 pack sheet protectors

** $5 Fee for Scholastic News and Science Spin magazines

** $10 Donation for group supplies

Car Tags will be mandatory for all Car Riders and can be purchased at Meet and Greet on Friday, August 2nd.