Parent Information

   Welcome to a new school year! 
     I am very excited to be teaching your child this year and am looking forward to an exciting and successful year. 
I have planned for and anticipate a great school year and encourage you to be involved in as many activities as possible. Let’s work together to make this a great learning experience for each student.

                               Please review the following information carefully:

    I use the Alabama Common Core Standards as my guide to instruction.
 Homework Folder
    You should expect your child to have homework daily. A homework folder  will be sent home each day.  Papers on the left side of the folder are to be  left at home and  papers on the right side should be returned to school each day. 
Since our homework is related to our instruction during the day, it is  very important that all homework is completed and returned the next day.

Notes/Lunch Money

      Please send all communications to me such as notes, lunch money, or school excuses in their homework folder.  Please do not send any loose papers or money in their backpack, as these will get easily lost.  I will check their folders each morning for notes, homework, etc. Please make sure to send any money in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s name and what it is for.
     Also, if there is any change in your child’s afternoon transportation home, they MUST have a note letting me know.  I can not be informed by the student that they will be a car rider etc., if that is not their usual form of transportation.


Tests/Test Papers 

    Tests will usually be given on Fridays.  A new spelling/vocabulary study guide will be sent home every Monday.  Please study these with your child each night so that they are prepared for the test each week. Graded papers will be sent home each Tuesday.  Please review these and then sign and return any D or F papers to school the next day.



A conduct report will also be sent home weekly with the test papers. Please discuss this with your child and sign and return the report to school the next day.
    Your child will begin each week with 100 points.  For each conduct mark received during the week, 5 points will be deducted.  Behavior resulting in an office referral will result in 10 points being deducted from their conduct grade.  A conduct grade will be sent home each week on their conduct report.  At the end of the nine-week grading period, all weekly conduct grades will be averaged for a report card grade.



     Attendance is very important for your child to have a successful school year and receive the full benefit of their education.  Please help ensure that your child is on time to school each day and prepared for the day.    
    School begins and 7:45 each day and students will be considered tardy after this time. Please check in at the office if arriving to school late.   3 tardies constitute one absence. Students are allowed 3 parent excuses
for absences each semester.  After that, a written doctor’s excuse is required.  Parent excuses and doctor’s excuses must be received within 3 days of the absence or it will be marked unexcused.

Lunch and Snack

Please send any lunch money in a sealed envelope.The envelope should have on the front: Child’s name, teacher’s name, grade,  amount of money and what it is for (It’s important that this information be written on the front of the envelope). This amount will be put into your child’s lunch account.

If your child does not pay weekly on Mondays, he/she will be responsible for paying for his/her own lunch in the lunch-line each day or you may pay online through our website.

Due to federal regulations- NO LUNCHES WILL BE CHARGED. 
If money is lost or forgotten, parents will be contacted to bring money before 10:15.
    Milk money for snack time is $ .30 and will be paid DAILY if your child should want this.  Each child must keep up with his/her own money until snack time each day.The children can bring any nutritional snack from home.
State and Federal Child Nutrition Program guidelines prohibit the drinking of soft drinks at school or in the lunchroom.


To ensure the safety of our students, all parents or visitors MUST check in at the office before coming to the classroom or lunchroom for any reason.  This includes coming to the classroom to bring cupcakes,  forgotten homework, lunch money, etc.
    If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please feel free to contact me at school for a conference (256-622-1073). 
You can also email me at annette_sims  
Thank you in advance for all of your help with these matters.  I look forward to working with you for a successful school year!

Ms. Sims

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